Alexandar the Great: Secret of Power

[Post New]by jadran43 on Nov 7, 14 2:10 PM

Got sock in Eckenfoerde,

I am in the hall opposite the aquarium. Removed the bolts on the electrical box but cover didn't drop off. Unable to go back or forward.
Please help

Never used this site before so pl`s forgive if I didn`t post my question properly

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Re:Alexandar the Great: Secret of Power

[Post New]by GMMan_BZFlag on Nov 7, 14 8:15 PM
This is a known bug. I've helped someone else by having them send me their save files and me manually editing it. There's also a DIY fix, but that doesn't always work (search for the thread "Stuck in Hall in Germany" on this forum if you want to see it). The remaining alternative is to start the game over.

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