I'm stuck on the Forest Gate level

[Post New]by lesjayre on Nov 8, 14 4:21 AM
can't work out how to proceed - I need the rope to lift the anvil to get the rune and on and on.............. All I have in my inventory are my fairy and 2 blue crystals. Would appreciate some help guys

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Re:I'm stuck on the Forest Gate level

[Post New]by 1357wc on Nov 27, 14 8:52 PM
Hope I remember. The fairy on the beach has a box next to her. It needs to be taken over to the rock next to the ?satyr? There is a key and padlock. You have to go back and forth with the lock and key, not sure what order between the two. I think the rope was in the box. Orrrrrrrrr.........you get the 3rd blue crystal. Either way it should help you proceed.

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