Beat the Summoner?

[Post New]by qarastar on Nov 9, 14 8:21 AM
How do you beat the Summoner on the island with only one tower space? I have tried countless times. Please help!

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Re:Beat the Summoner?

[Post New]by Sulokitu on Nov 9, 14 12:50 PM
The developers have confirmed that it is not possible to beat this level. It's a glitch and is set to be corrected in an update. I hope they fix it soon!

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Re:Beat the Summoner?

[Post New]by SabineM24 on Nov 18, 14 8:36 AM
I´ve made the update and just beat this level! Yihaaa!
I could not beat the summoner completely, but with hier little, little energy left he could harm my life not completely.
There was one heart left - which was obviusly enough.

I got so far with the completely upgraded machineguntower and after it could not reach the summoner anymore, changed to the tower which can shoot rockets!


Re:Beat the Summoner?

[Post New]by NorthStorm on Nov 18, 14 12:27 PM
Go with a fully upgraded gollem. He'll wipe them all out. You can also help by moving your dragon as the Summoner moves.

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