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level 40

[Post New]by danilon on Nov 9, 14 10:51 AM
cannot for the life of me build a fuel station or get fuel - Please help

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Re:level 40

[Post New]by Pinkrollsroyce on Nov 12, 14 3:19 PM
I built a cafe and a house on the first 2 lots and cleared the road to the hospital leaving the worker trapped on the left until I had enough food and money. I built a second house in front of the hospital and made my way to the trapped worker at the top.

Once I had enough money I healed the first patient blocking the sawmill and built a fuel station, then healed the patient further to the right blocking all the wood.

I freed the trapped worker on the left and as there is no further need for food at this point I demolished the cafe and replaced it with a fuel station.

I then healed the 2 patients on the far right blocking the empty lot (where I built a fuel station) and wood while building another fuel station in front of the hospital and repairing the piers on the right and left as wood allowed.

I then began rescuing the people, rescuing the 3 workers first. Once the two patients in the middle were healed I repaired that pier and replaced both houses with fuel stations.

If wood allowed I may have upgraded 1 or 2 of the fuel stations as well, I can't remember.

I hope this helps and have uploaded a video too

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