Geisha - The Secret Garden

[Post New]by Pen3ny on Nov 10, 14 5:03 PM
I have looked over all of the messages and find:
most of us enjoy Geisha BUT - we all have difficulty
and are very frustrated because when we want to
start a new garden, we can't get rid of the old one.
No, it does not work to erase an old name - the
garden stays on. C'mon, Big Fish. You are always
so prompt about solving problems. Let's hear it!

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Re:Geisha - The Secret Garden

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Nov 11, 14 3:14 PM
Hey Pen3ny

I did some research, but I was unable to find a quick way to start a new garden. However, I'm sure if you contact Tech Support, one of our Reps may be able to find a work around for this


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