Level 15

[Post New]by pammied on Nov 10, 14 7:43 PM
I haven't played this game in a while, bought it when it first came out. Love these!
But I never had problems with game errors before. In level 15, I am supposed to build two play parks. I build the parks, but only one registers. So I built 3, the game says I only built one. There's no way I can win the level. I restarted the game with another username, but the same thing happened. It also happened on level 14, and I don't want to go further if I can't win the level. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Re:Level 15

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Nov 11, 14 2:15 PM
Hey pammied

I'm really sorry to see you're having this issue! It definitely isn't fun to build something in the game without it adding to your completed objectives

I would suggest contacting Tech Support HERE with a Dr. Felix Report, and one of our Reps can take a look and see what they can do to get things running right

I hope this helps!



Re:Level 15

[Post New]by pammied on Nov 14, 14 4:54 PM
Ok. I re-played the level today and the same thing happened, I finished with time to spare, but didn't get the 3 stars. The two playgrounds did not register again.
Wish me luck!!


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