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Wanted To Add My Review But Its Locked??

[Post New]by Yaelle on Nov 11, 14 12:03 AM
I came across this in another game I played recently. Maybe there are just too many posts on all of the forums & they're running out of room?? Now I feel bad. Maybe they should go through & delete some of those "Removed by moderator" posts. Or something.

I was excited to see a TD game but I could not bear more than 15 minutes of a free hour. Problems:

No skip button for speeding up to the next wave - only time Ive ever not seen one
Graphics are too small and some things hard to make out.
Not able to tell what weapon does what without remembering from before a level begins, and for me that's a huge deal breaker. But that's just me.

Seemed exciting that they have mini games (and achievements) but I could not bear the game long enough to check them out.

Of course, there was the sub-par English but hey. My Polish or Russian or what have you isn't the best, either. Then again, I'd hire a translator (cough) were I to release a game in a language other than my own.

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