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[Post New]by belamba on Nov 11, 14 8:36 AM
I'm so fed up with the type of 'non CEs' BFGs have as TGT these days.
Been a member since 2009, and in early days could buy almost every game.
How can you use a PCV on a TGT when it's 'so called' free?
But it's not free! It is a kind of 'spend as much as poss to go forwards' game. But as a 'free no buy game', it's really annoying.
If I bought items in all my 'free' games I'd be bankrupt!
I tried the game, but uninstalled after 20 mins as I'm not going to spend any more money on 'FREE' games!
If the amount of money one spent was reduced to buy more lives, gold etc etc, they'd probably earn more money.
As it is, I flatly refuse to buy into it!

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