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DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Nov 12, 14 12:29 AM
Use the power of your mind to place scales on the board and form clever combinations. DragonScales: Chamber of the Dragon Whisperer is easy to learn and difficult to master. To win, you’ll have the match dragon scales of the same color with an eye toward board management so that you can make the best combinations possible. Within minutes you'll be collecting scales, clearing mythical symbols, invoking supernatural forces to attack the board and release the dragons. With its innovative approach and diverse challenges, DragonScales will provide you with relaxing and fun challenges for your brain.


Re:DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer Acess power-ups

[Post New]by seajaypea on Nov 15, 14 10:19 AM
How's to clue me in on accessing power-ups? I buy them but don't see them appear on the game board.

BTW, fun to have a more complex M3.

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Re:DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Nov 27, 14 10:20 PM
Welcome to the pond!

You have to click the "select items" bar first to get the screen to pick powerups, then you have to click on the "buy" button near the bottom right to buy an amount of the powerups you chose. To use a powerup you click on the image of the powerup you want and the game will ask you if you want to use that item with some notes about clicking on a part of the screen if it's something that takes out scales, which is what most of them do. The moonrise powerup just has a yes or no box for adding time in timed levels. Enjoy!

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