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How do you get back to the ice/fire islands?

[Post New]by ShazPG on Nov 12, 14 10:05 PM
Each time I entered one of these, it didn't give me the opportunity to select a difficulty level - it just went straight into the level. When I completed them (except the broken one) it gave me a gold star for completing on easy. But it won't let me go back to them to try a more difficult level. There's no response when I click on it, and when I click the portal to replay a previous level, it only shows the regular levels 1-9.

I attached them to the main island after completing them. Don't know if that's what stops me from going back. But when I clicked to attach, I don't recall getting a message asking if I wanted to play again.

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Re:How do you get back to the ice/fire islands?

[Post New]by Amegami on Nov 13, 14 5:58 AM
Right now, there is no option to replay additional islands, and there is no other difficulty levels.

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