No ring, no scroll inside skull in Bonus Content

[Post New]by TangledPatience on Nov 13, 14 3:08 PM
Hi guys! Got thru the whole game without need of the Strategy Guide, until the darn Bonus Content! Got the cross which opened secret hole in wall with a skull missing a jeweled the jewel and returned to place in empty eye socket. All that happened was a noise that sounded like a door/secret opening opened in a different area. After spending 'way too much time' looking around, I consulted the strategy guide (with one eye closed, trying not to see upcoming quests). Imagine my surprise when I read about a ring & wonder I couldn't figure out what order the '4 faces' went in either, guess that was on the scroll! I went back a few times, hoping I just missed clicking on them, even looked around on the floor! So, anyone else have this problem, it's definitley a first for me! Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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