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Also stuck at the end!!!!

[Post New]by maeveodonnell on Nov 13, 14 6:58 PM
Last thing I have in my inventory is the seeds - tried putting them at the edge of the roof ( re: previous discussion - thank you for trying to help -honest). When I hit the "hint button" it keeps taking me to the little boy - we have been up/down/right/left and still cannot figure this out.

I really think this would have been a "GREAT" game with a little more attention to detail and for developers thinking it through logically.

I will end by saying I still love the BF Games and appreciate the developers time and efforts - so just wanted to offer some constructive criticism!

Thank you.

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Re:Also stuck at the end!!!!

[Post New]by june2756 on Jan 4, 15 5:48 PM
So what did you do to get the seeds to work?

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