finished game 5hrs 1/2

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Nov 14, 14 5:09 PM
As I said before I would get all achievements , but the under 5 hour one, and of course I was correct. It took me 5 hours and 1/2 for the main game 1hour and45 min. for bonus game
I received all achievements, but that one now I am uninstalling this game so I don't have to look at it anymore, or be tempted to play again.


Re:finished game 5hrs 1/2

[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Nov 15, 14 6:15 AM
That's hilarious. It's going to start calling you, taunting you, "I knew you couldn't do it in under 5 hours. Everyone else did...."

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Re:finished game 5hrs 1/2

[Post New]by burf90 on Nov 21, 14 2:26 PM
HookedonHOG, if it makes you feel any better, I got all the achievements except that one and I uninstalled it right away, too, for the same reasons as you.

Sadly, I just reinstalled it and am seriously considering playing it again to get that last danged achievement... Some of us are just hopeless. (Well, I do want to try to figure out the plot, too. I am seriously confused about it and want to see if there are as many plot holes and inconsistencies as I think there are. I may take notes this time!)


Re:finished game 5hrs 1/2

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Apr 4, 15 10:08 PM
Could you please tell me where you look to find out how long the main game and or the bonus game took you to play. Did you just keep track of your time? I have looked in the Extras section and the achievements section and can not see anywhere how long the game took me to play. I got all of the achievements except for the five hour one and am not sure I want to play the game over again just for that achievement although I did enjoy the game a lot.

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