Can't win a game in the Fire Realm

[Post New]by BubbaMagrew on Nov 15, 14 9:29 AM
Hi - I'm a huge JQ fan from way back, and am greatly enjoying the Sapphire Dragon, which I purchased from several months ago; however, I've run into an Electricity board that doesn't recognize when I've completed the board. It's in the Fire Realm, and is the second board under The Path to Santorini. I've won this board three times, but it is not acknowledged by the program - then the time runs out and I receive the failed board message. How do I get past this? Thanks!

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Re:Can't win a game in the Fire Realm

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Nov 15, 14 3:16 PM
Welcome to the pond!

I don't currently have this game on my computer so I can't pull the boards up on demand to see which one it might be. My guesses though would be that either you didn't get all the gears moving (in most electricity boards the gears have to be cranked in sort of an order before they will all turn yellow and be available to start), or that there is at least one empty space someplace that you're missing. If you're playing on a PC pressing the left Ctrl key will show you the board without the jewels so you can easily spot if there are any non-gold squares left.


Re:Can't win a game in the Fire Realm

[Post New]by BubbaMagrew on Nov 16, 14 4:08 AM
The gears are all active, because the special jewels that are on the board until all gears are active have gone away. I will try the Ctrl thing, but doubt that I could have one jewel not gold that I've missed seeing in three separate rounds of the board. Thanks, though!


Re:Can't win a game in the Fire Realm

[Post New]by Scribbly_69 on Dec 23, 14 6:08 AM
The exact same thing is happening on my copy too (Mac version). The same glitch and the same level. I have turned all spaces to gold, and all gears are moving, but the game continues on till you've run out of time.

I've tried using all the characters, and have uninstalled & reinstalled the game. No joy. Definitely some sort of glitch.

It lets me continue with the other boards in the meantime, but even if I complete all the other boards, I'll never be allowed out the Fire Realm as that one electricity board will always stop me progressing. Really annoying.

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