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[Post New]by jackthesailor on Nov 16, 14 12:20 PM
I have the last page of the book that shows me how to turn the black heart into a green one. I have the ingredients but the cauldron won't let me enter them until I have put the last page into the book. The book is refusing to accept it. What am I doing wrong?

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[Post New]by fishter on Nov 21, 14 2:36 PM
I too and having the same problem. And I can not go any farther. What to do...what to do. Anyone have an answer?


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[Post New]by jackthesailor on Nov 21, 14 8:36 PM
I figure d it out. You open the book to the torn page and then click on it again to put it into your inventory. You then take it from inventory and open it to torn page then add last page.

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