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Those who are disappointed

[Post New]by underwriter on Nov 16, 14 9:25 PM
Many of those who are disappointed with this game seem to be thinking the same thing I am, that it isn't THAT bad a game in a vacuum. but it doesn't belong in this series.

"Echoes of the Past", while it has shown great variety between games, has consistently had an established pattern -

1. Set in kingdom of Orion

2. Protagonist is present day but time travels to Orion

3. Royal family is under attack from witch's spells

4. Game is resolved by defeating the witch and order is restored.

This game isn't in a kingdom at all, the protagonist is not from the future, there is no royal family in the "settlement," and if that female in the intro is a witch, and she certainly acts like one, but she doesn't look like one, and she's attacking not with spells but with an army.

I can certainly understand wanting to build on an established fan base, but now that BFG is introducing at least some games with "from the developer who gave you such-and-such and so-and-so" it would have been far less a disappointment to have named this as a new series or a stand-alone game, citing the developer of "Echoes of the Past," "Secrets of the Dark," and "The Agency of Anomalies," all of which are wonderful series and are strengthened by their trademark features. Developer, PLEASE do not try a change of direction in either of the other two, or you will ruin them. Start something new.

BTW, BFG, if I have never thanked you for introducing developer names to your descriptions, I thank you now. Knowing the developer is valuable information to me in deciding what to try and what to buy. Apparently I'm not the only one.

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Re:Those who are disappointed

[Post New]by Rosietreats on Nov 24, 14 2:54 PM
Ditto!! I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks!

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