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bonus game

[Post New]by beamer37 on Nov 17, 14 10:29 AM
puzzle on wall .Looks like a medallion needs spades and other things to get snake tongue. Have all but I spade. Have been trying for three days. Cannot find it. Don't seem to be able to continue without it. PLEASE HELP.

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Re:bonus game

[Post New]by godschild1955 on Jan 25, 15 10:02 AM
Did you ever find the spade? I ask b/c I am stuck on same & can't move forward, only I need 2 spades & 2 owls. I keep hitting the hint and they circle 2 spots, one about 10 o'clock on upper left & one about 4 o'clock lower right. I 'm about ready to just quit & go to another game. Any help would be Greatly appreciated. TY

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