Needing help with Level 10 5 chain attack

[Post New]by kristyb68 on Apr 11, 09 2:24 AM
Cant get passed it no matter who I use or where I put them. Any help would be appreciated.


Re:Needing help with Level 10 5 chain attack

[Post New]by tauism on Apr 14, 09 1:44 AM
Hi, are you not able to finish the level in time or you can't pass because you don't have a 5 chain attack? To get at least a 5 chain attack, you need to have SIX crystals with only 1 shard that are directly connected to each other

For the latter, your best bet would be to be super anal about it and get like a super long chain. Like, make a super long row of more than 5 crystals with only 1 shard and then start the chain from the end. If you see more than "Chain5x" you should pass.

The thing with chains is that they start from where you initiate the attack. If your row of crystals is like this(1 = 1 shard crystal)

1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1
1 1 1

you won't get 5x chain, because of the 3 crystal in the way. If you used either Skye or Sun to bash the 3 crystal down to only 1 shard, and then started the chain on the first crystal(top left) you would get the chain. Oh yeah, if you started the chain from the middle of the row, you wouldn't get a chain either(because the chain starts counting from where you started).

Hope that helps! if you need more help you can email me at

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