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Tips and Tricks for Tropico Jong: Butterfly Expedition

[Post New]by bfgErie on Jul 11, 08 5:35 PM
Go For The Butterflies – In the storyline mode, the object is to free up two to eight hidden butterfly tiles. So go to work on clearing areas of the board where you think those butterflies might be sitting first.

Hints/Shuffle/Redo – You will start the game with a limited amount of hints, shuffles and redo’s. But after each successfully completed board, you do earn two more of each of these. Save your shuffles and hints for when you are really stuck though, because you don’t want to run out when you need them most!

Possible Matches – While you are playing Tropico Mah Jong, you will receive a running tally of the possible matches available on the board at the bottom of the screen. You can use this number to see if a move you had just made has freed up any more matches for you.

These are just a few suggestions that will help with Tropico Jong: Butterfly Expedition. If you have any general tips to share, please post them below.

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