Jewel Quest Solitaire 3

[Post New]by quick_sand8 on Apr 11, 09 5:32 PM
Any clues when BFG's is going to have it? Saving my credit!!!!
Played demo on another site, the first was good, second better and this one is great!!
Hurry up Big Fish Games, I want this game bad!!!!!

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Re:Jewel Quest Solitaire 3

[Post New]by GeeBee on Apr 11, 09 5:48 PM
Hello and Welcome to the pond QUICK_SAND.
Jewel Quest Solitaire 3 sounds like something I would enjoy also. However, I have not heard when will be offering it. If I hear something, I'll PM you. Please do the same for me. Thanks


Re:Jewel Quest Solitaire 3

[Post New]by quick_sand8 on Apr 13, 09 8:51 PM
Thanks for welcoming me to the pond!
I'm sorry to say that I have to retract my comment on "must have this game".
Wow was I disappointed. I got impatient and accidentally found out another site was offering half price off ALL their games. Soooo. I bought JQS 3.....
I finished it in no time. It is NOTHING like JQS 2, where the levels increase and get harder, with more puzzles, etc. Heck, I am literally still stuck on the first one, don't know which level in the Gold challis part, but I've been stuck on that one puzzle for months! One of the other ones shame to say I was stuck for over a year, yes a year!
3 is a waste of money!!!!!!!! You go through all these levels, I think 8 that's it. It is repetitious, unnervingly! When you figure out the puzzle in the end, then there is a safe, put the 3 numbers in and safe opens, poof game over.
Not worth the money at all! One and two are better.
Very disappointed!!!

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Re:Jewel Quest Solitaire 3

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Apr 13, 09 8:52 PM
BFG used to have most if not all of the Jewel Quest games, but the developer refused to renew contract so they were pulled several months ago. BFG can't sell the games if the developer says "no".


Re:Jewel Quest Solitaire 3

[Post New]by pcole59 on Jun 8, 11 4:29 AM
I just started playing JQ 3 but on the first level of "Egypt" got stuck because I don't know how to uncover the hidden card. Any ideas? I feel a bit foolish because I'm sure the solution is easy!!

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Re:Jewel Quest Solitaire 3

[Post New]by bfgImbrium on Jun 9, 11 7:15 AM
Hi pcole59,

Welcome to the pond!

Have you tried any updates or disabling Aero? Sometimes these help.
Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

I can also suggest contacting Customer Support by clicking on the green envelope on the right to get to our Help pages, and then click "Contact Us" to the right of the screen to submit a support ticket. We definitely want you to be able to play your game!

Or if you're a Big Fish Game Club member, you can connect to Live Chat Support Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm PST.

I'm also going to pop this thread over in to the Jewel Quest Solitaire 3 game forum; you can find the technical issues thread for this game here

This discussion can be continued here .

Hope this helps!


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