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How to get gold on level 29

[Post New]by Deewani on Nov 19, 14 3:42 AM
First of all, ignore the goblins, except when they try to steal your wood, then click on them (if you have spare time, you can also click on the ones stealing stone, but it's not vital). Leave the rock pile at the lower left and take it only after you've built the tower x1.

If you collect food from both the granary and the bush, you don't have to upgrade the granary. The gold rocks in front of the bridges and the small one in the path can be taken any time, at your leisure--they aren't vital, as you can actually build the bridges from the rear, but they will save running time. Remove the rock pile in front of the lower right tower before you build the tower--if you don't, the tower may freeze and never be built.

Here's the opening, step by step:

Gather food from the bush, then click on the two tree trunks above it, as the dwarfs can gather them both. Collect food from the granary, build the left bridge. Grab the tree trunk while other dwarf picks bush (small gold rock can go in here any time), then gather stone, gold and food. Take the rock piles from top center and in front of lower right tower as soon as you can, so you will have enough wood to add a third dwarf. Build the quarry by the camp as soon as you can, but give the day/night button priority.

As soon as day/night button is ready, use it (make sure the dwarves are free or you will waste the resource), and gather 50 potions; as soon as you have 30, you can send the wizard to fix the mill (mill is at very top, partly hidden by potion counter, if you can't see it), then apply the remaining 20 to fix the lowest quarry. With three dwarves, you should be able to keep two on the potions and collect resources or build quarry with the third.

Once you have the potions, only use the time freeze button for the rest of the level, and apply it as soon as it is ready.

Build all stone quarries to 2 stars, then build all towers, then upgrade x2. Then build the remaining two bridges. Keep collecting stones as they come. For safety, you can then upgrade the quarries to 3 stars, but you will get the 200 stones in gold time.

There are some variations, such as building the quarry before adding a dwarf, leaving the gold rocks and building bridges from the back, upgrading two quarries to 3 stars before building towers, etc., but what I've outlined here has given me gold every time.

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