Installation Failed during download

[Post New]by jbones on Apr 12, 09 1:01 PM
I have tried to download the free 1 hour trial several times. Each time it gets about 50% done and then quits and gives me the message "installation failed". I have tried restarting my computer. Anyone else have this problem?

Now that I've read all the problems people are having with the game even AFTER they have gotten it installed and started playing, I think I'll just give up on this one. I'm disappointed though, 'cause it sounded good!

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Re:Installation Failed during download

[Post New]by weeharleyboy on Apr 12, 09 1:08 PM
Tell the lovely tech people about it. There's always some kind of solution out there. This was one of my favourite games and if you can find a way to get over your download problem I think you'll love it


Re:Installation Failed during download

[Post New]by taz1955 on Apr 12, 09 4:43 PM
I am having the same problem. Mine gets to 28 % and fails. I have white listed it in my firewall and also tried turning off my firewall and to change
Emailed the techies but not holding out much hope they will help me...considering i paid for the game.

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