Stuck in day 15

[Post New]by ravengotu1 on Apr 12, 09 5:04 PM
Has anyone else had this happen.
I have three meals to prepare with only two ingredients...I have tried everything and Gordon just keeps chucking me out...

Pleeeeeeeease help me....


Re:Stuck in day 15

[Post New]by tjmorena on Apr 13, 09 7:16 PM
I am having the EXACT same problem on Day 15. The main courses go alright, but on the next step on that level, there are only FOUR areas to cook on the stoves put between FIVE TO SIX serving trays show up. NO OTHER pots appear to cook more food, so the food once it cooks, burns up under the hot warming lights waiting to go out to the customers (this is a level where we are just in the kitchen) and I get called a "Donkey" and he kicks me out of the kitchen and I get a big fat "0" and "Failed" for this level - every time! I've tried this level at least 20 times so far.

I can NOT get past Day 15 because of this problem.

Is this the REAL way it works in the game for others, or do I have a defective version? If it is the real way, then what do you do to fill those EXTRA trays that show up? I have clicked on just about everything there is in the kitchen to figure out how to solve this problem. Nothing seems to remedy this issue.

PLEASE, help us figure this out!


Re:Stuck in day 15

[Post New]by tjmorena on Apr 14, 09 7:57 AM
There are OVENS in Day 15 - that's the first time they are introduced. I solved the problem - in case anyone else wanted to know.


Re:Stuck in day 15

[Post New]by chefmer on Sep 20, 09 9:03 PM
I am stuck in day 19. I can'd get the waiter to serve the customers or go where I want him to. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong or what I am missing?


Re:Stuck in day 15

[Post New]by ohiome on Sep 23, 10 7:15 AM
OK - there are ovens. But what do you do with the ovens? I can't make anything move and there aren't enough ingredients. How do I win on level 15?

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Re:Stuck in day 15

[Post New]by vibtek on Sep 19, 11 10:42 PM
That is part of hell's kitchen. On the trial He threw me out for not doing a very good job. That is the way the show kind of is.

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