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lazy men

[Post New]by ahma2 on Nov 22, 14 4:58 AM
What´s the matter with my builders? I have 7 builders - 3 masters and 4 adepts - which are building the last little hut. I have now been playing one hour and during this time they got 6 % ready. They aren´t really lazy, I´ve been watching them but why only 6 %????? 7men??????? In all villages it is most difficult to get master builders, they have to build and build and other men/women are already doctors or farmers or scientists. Has anybody else noticed this?

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Re:lazy men

[Post New]by cissyr1768 on Apr 27, 15 8:39 AM
Yeah it does seem to take forever to get the huts built. I have 2 masters and 2 adept working on 1 hut and after a few days it's still only 24% done. However that love shack got built in no time at all.

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