Legend Competition- No Doublers?

[Post New]by starmagicgreen on Nov 22, 14 11:47 AM
Obviously I'm in a talkative mood, because I have posted several new discussions

Has anyone noticed no double gains this week? And know why not?

Thanks for any info!

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Re:Legend Competition- No Doublers?

[Post New]by Crow12000 on Nov 22, 14 12:35 PM
I could be wrong about this as I don't play the legends area, which basically means I don't pay attention to it. I do seem to remember someone and I think it was Yamakiku, posting about the legend point structure. From what I remember you only get double gains during the first 24 hour period so from the day change on Wed to the day change on Thursday.

I was looking for the discussion but it was part of a bigger discussion and I haven't been able to find it as of yet.

Edit: I have a confirmation from a true legend player that usually you do only get the points the first day. There has been a glitch (shocking) recently that was awarding the double points through Friday. That has been corrected and it's back to just the first 24 hours.

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