Combining items I have

[Post New]by kwgrimaldi on Nov 23, 14 5:17 PM
I want to combine 4 items I have to blow up this cave in the game. It's the empty barrel, the gunpowder, a wick and a metal rim. I have the items. How do I combine them?

I found the problem. You need 15 of each which is a ridiculous amount.

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Re:Combining items I have

[Post New]by fylgia on Nov 24, 14 9:33 AM
I don't remember exactly what it looks like, but I Think there is a button that says "combine" or something that you can just click on. But maybe you haven't all the items yet? As I remember it it was more than four items to combine, it was a multiple of the needed things. 12 or 15 of them or something like that you had to collect first...

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Re:Combining items I have

[Post New]by MsAshyla on Nov 29, 14 9:16 AM
[b] a multiple of 15?.....sounds like a money-maker to me!!....I for one will not be spending any more money on THIS game!!!!!!!

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