[Post New]by scoutboy582 on Nov 24, 14 5:36 AM
i am about to quit playing if i resets one more time. can you please fix it or give me advice on what to do or give a resin why this is happening.

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[Post New]by StaceyV70 on Nov 24, 14 8:14 AM
The creator of the game, Gogii, has not offered any fixes to this problem which was brought to their attention months ago by many, many players. Unfortunately, Big Fish Games can't do anything about it; it needs to be Gogii who creates the fix.

I'm very sorry I cannot offer any help. I understand your frustration because I've experienced it myself over two dozen times.

My own solution to the problem was to:
A. never turn the game off
B. never restart my computer
C. do very little else with my computer
D. sacrifice having a life for this stupid game (not such a big loss, trust me)
E. cheat like mad to finish the game quicker by changing the date on my computer during long tasks.

All in all, you get what you pay for, and this was free.



[Post New]by OliviaReally on Dec 22, 14 7:34 AM
scoutboy582 wrote:i am about to quit playing if i resets one more time. can you please fix it or give me advice on what to do or give a resin why this is happening.

I have. The game has reset for me 3 or 4 times when I was at a significant level. I've uninstalled it and won't try again. No threats. I have loved BFG but find it strange they take no responsibility for encouraging/pressuring the developer to ensure the game runs correctly. That said; it was free.

Shame, really, because I really enjoyed it. I thought the content/idea was great and enjoyed the comic scenes accompanying the levels. Obviously, it needs more work.

I don't have the option of leaving the game run for extended periods as I have multiple family members using the computer.

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Re: resetting

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Dec 22, 14 5:36 PM
There are multiple methods of getting around this, and the Fish's Customer Service people probably know them all. Certainly they've been posted in relevant threads here.

All I had to do when the bug hit was to plug back in the thumb drive that was there when I'd installed the game. No problem since. So I'm biased in favor.

Anyway: If you've spent money on sodas and decide to give up rather than play again, the Fish's accountants will refund it.

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[Post New]by bfgWaimea on Dec 23, 14 4:53 PM
Hi scoutboy582,

I'm sorry to hear that some of you are still experiencing the reset issue with the game.

StaceyV70 - Thank you for your post and for the information that you've shared.

As StaceyV70 mentioned, we're able to alert the developer to any current issues with the game, but this is something that the developer must do, and not Big Fish Games. At this point, there isn't really anything that we're able to do besides wait. I understand that this is not the answer that many of you are hoping to hear, but do know that the Forums Moderation Team will post any information as soon as it's made available by the developer.

If the issue continues and you'd like to check if there are any available options, you can definitely contact our Technical Support Team HERE with a Dr. Felix Report. Our Reps are always glad to provide any available technical assistance.

Since this is a tech issue and because it's an issue that's already been addressed, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. If you'd like to post about any other tech issues with this game, you can definitely do so here:

Post your Archie: Riverdale Rescue Technical Issues Here Only!

Thank you for your understanding,


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