stuck at gallery repository

[Post New]by tashzane2 on Nov 25, 14 10:56 PM
On the map it tells me I have something to do at the gallery repository. When I ask for hint, it goes to the group photo. What is it I have to do?

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Re:stuck at gallery repository

[Post New]by Bartsister on Nov 26, 14 6:53 PM
Hi Tashzane,

Have you matched up the group photo with the passenger book? Both should be in your inventory when you open the photo and then add the book to it, you should get a puzzle where you have to click on the matching passenger names and their photos. This should give you a revelation that lets you move forward.

Hope this helps. Happy gaming!


Re:stuck at gallery repository

[Post New]by tashzane2 on Nov 28, 14 5:28 PM
Yes this did indeed help me. In fact, it was so helpful I breezed through the other documents that needed to be paired up right after. Hopefully I can get through the rest of the game with no trouble, if not I'll be back here for help. Thanks again.

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