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Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by Boomzap on Nov 27, 14 3:13 AM
On behalf of the Awakening Team, thanks for playing The Golden Age! When Redleaf Forest first came out, we were surprised by the interest to know more about the Awakening world, but at the same time, Sophia’s story had come to an end. This game was our answer to fans who wished to delve into the world of Awakening, by showing another story from a different viewpoint.

We’ve taken quite a big splash in an entirely new direction with this one, exploring the story of an important figure in Sophia’s life we’d never heard of -- her grandmother’s!

Unlike her granddaughter, Sasha has her own brand of magic. With the help of her special pendant, she is able to see things that others do not. Though it’s the seventh game in the Awakening series, we treated this new chapter as a different take on the franchise, with a focus on the Human Kingdom before the events of Sophia’s journey. We wanted to give a different perspective into the world of Awakening, exploring how a human would use magic in this fantasy world. We also put a lot of thought into making each area unique, showcasing different creatures in their natural setting -- the gnolls with their yurts and magic cave drawings, the goblins with their technology (shouldn’t someone invent the diesel engine?!), and the Black Tree with its Familiar. We hope that interacting with these unique elements in the game was as fun for you all as it was for us to make it. Probably one of the hardest things for us to do was to make the integration of the story and puzzles as seamless as we could; it makes us happy to see people enjoying our slightly-trickier puzzles.

We put a lot of thought and care into everything (including the music of course! [Removed by Moderator] that made it to the final game, so we hope you enjoyed our latest HOPA.

Thanks for playing,

Sara and Angela

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Re:Thank you from Boomzap!

[Post New]by nrfaulk on Dec 2, 14 8:51 PM
I hope there will be more. Please.

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