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Re:My sound has stopped working!!

[Post New]by Cyre on Jul 25, 08 9:20 AM
Tech support replied with a simple fix that worked perfectly the first time!! I just had to uninstall it in a different way than I did before. They even sent me a code for another game!

BFG has the best tech support, and that's VERY rare nowadays! Thanx BFG!!

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Re:My sound has stopped working!!

[Post New]by chalkiemonster on Aug 30, 08 5:16 PM
My sound stopped working as well (I run XP). Big Fish couldn't solve it and gave me a coupon for a free game which was really nice of them. I see that there is an updated version of the game so might give that a go. The sounds were really great and made the game so much more enjoyable. But in saying that we love the game even without sound. We have spent days on one round - have certainly got our money's worth.


Re:My sound has stopped working!!

[Post New]by jn_bltn on Sep 5, 08 7:13 AM
My sound also stopped working a number of months ago (I'm running XP) and, even though it was bugging me, I didn't do anything about it. But after taking GreyAlienGames advice the sound is working perfectly. So thank you!

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Re:My sound has stopped working!!

[Post New]by Smallhaven on Oct 5, 08 9:39 AM
cesse47 wrote:Smallhaven, sounds like you need to quit bonking that poor spectator and aim at the announcer!


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Re:My sound has stopped working!!

[Post New]by prpldva on Oct 5, 08 9:55 AM
Smallhaven wrote:
AnnBy wrote:Small

I usually play with the sound off since I'm playing after the kids are in bed. I do play during the day as well so I'll have to keep an eye out on that.

Well, with the sound off at least you're not humiliated with the announcer saying stuff like "that'll be hard to recover from" and "we'll need a calculator for that...".


Twice the sound has changed to this buzzing, but I just close and re-open and its fine.

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