in the phone box

[Post New]by deekirgeo on Nov 29, 14 7:41 AM
when I dialled the number nothing happened , and, I cant move on.

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Re:in the phone box

[Post New]by kbullis on Dec 2, 14 9:30 PM
If you are talking about the HOS when you dial the phone # the receiver falls off and you can get the crystal....


Re:in the phone box

[Post New]by Naszumi on Dec 3, 14 3:23 AM
Same here! I dial the number and nothing happens! The receiver does nothing at all.
Can`t get past this HO Scene!


Re:in the phone box

[Post New]by heatherington on Dec 5, 14 10:29 AM
I noticed a couple of problems with this game. Elephant Games cannot always be depended upon to make sure everything works. The puzzle where you fill in the red and green for the wolf and deer doesn't work for me so I have to skip. I will never get my achievements that way.

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