Time Management

[Post New]by charlrob on Apr 16, 09 5:34 PM
I love time management games but this one is driving me crazy!!!! Congratulations to all who have managed to finish the game, upgrade the stands and obtain the super slick flooring. I have only managed to upgrade to three level 3 stands and 3 level 2 - as for super slick flooring - I don't even last 10 seconds!
I have followed all your tips and although I have managed not to lose my money now (thanks for that) I'm still no closer to finishing the game.
This game is now driving me absolutely crazy and I wish they would provide a fix that would allow us to slow things down!

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Re:Time Management

[Post New]by gemini888 on Aug 19, 12 4:06 PM
Ignore the first two lots of money and concentrate on filling the orders,when last two orders are being made, pick up two lots of money and you will be able to get thru the stage.I managed to get level three on all stands by doing this method and am now tackling BigCo--What a mission!!!
Good luck

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