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cant put acorns down in bonus chapter

[Post New]by Kkdoc on Nov 29, 14 4:38 PM
In the bonus chapter under a tree, there is a place to put 3 items: a sack of acorns, a round gray relief piece, and cattails. The game will not let me place the sack of acorns (already patched and sewn). A hint takes me back to the portal every time, but there is nothing to do---a complete vicious circle. I have a Mac pro and have not had problems up till now. Can"t progress because of this issue.


Re:cant put acorns down in bonus chapter

[Post New]by MirabellSummer on Dec 1, 14 12:56 AM
Do you have all of the acorns? In the portal scene you have to go to that fox animal (can't remember the name of it) and give it some shiny pebbles. It will give you 3 more acorns to put in the bag.
You can find the shiny stones just to the left of where you would go to put the 3 items.

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