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I Never Used Red Ribbon

[Post New]by JessF on Nov 29, 14 8:46 PM
The red ribbon that gave so many folks problems was still in my inventory after completing all 3 games. In fact I came to the forum to see if anyone else had that problem.

I'm trying to remember if I had to use a pin for anything and cannot. The game played smoothly all the way through for me.

The only issue I had was with the directional hint which several times insisted I had to go back to the throne room and then said there was nothing to do there.

I just thought this was fascinating considering how many people got stuck becausew they did not have the ribbon.

Happy Gaming.

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Re:I Never Used Red Ribbon

[Post New]by JoFin on Dec 27, 14 3:48 PM
I can remember two ribbons, colors not sure of,but, one was used with a safety pin to retrieve an item in a vase/jug. Another one was used on the bird, tying the mirror to the tree, so you could get the 3rd piece of Vaal's symbol to break the curse.

I had nothing left in my inventory.

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