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How to play Age of Emerald

[Post New]by daws1 on Apr 17, 09 12:51 AM
What are the strategies for playing this game? What should one try to do to get enough money/tokens/whatever to build houses? The level always ends before I have a chance to remove all tiles. The help that comes with the game is not much help - it just shows how to move and says that there are tiles to be removed to win more quickly. Any hints???

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Re:How to play Age of Emerald

[Post New]by BellaMorte on Jul 28, 11 8:18 PM
Below, I've copied my responses to 2 other threads...

Tip: buy all buildings in order because if you buy the Mayor's building before buying the others then you can't buy the others.

As for the end of the game... The Mayor's building is the last building. If there are any villagers after that I have no idea. Once the Mayor's building has been bought the game then becomes a standard chain match 3.


1: The villagers are gained by either x number of chain combos (the number in the chain for any give villager is decided by the program) or by the number of gold/food or magic collected in a round (again this is determined by the program).

2: I for one have never cleared all the tiles. 90 or 92% is my max.

3: After all buildings have been bought (buy in order with the Mayor's building last at a cost of 50000) then the game becomes a standard match 3.

4: The + connectors are randomly game generated.

The above are just my observations.

EDIT: Extra point... after buying the Mayor's building and when you finish each round after that, the village will stop appearing and will just go into the next round. *That* is when you know you have completed the game where you build up the village. It is by that point Age of Emerald becomes a standard match 3.

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Re:How to play Age of Emerald

[Post New]by Lisa_111 on Dec 15, 11 12:21 PM
In my quest to have played all the Building -Sim-Farm - Time Management games
I demo'ed this one.

Didn't appeal to me too much. There was no complelling reason for me to keep playing

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