Walkthrough for Mysteries of the Undead - The Cursed Island

[Post New]by neteru44 on Nov 30, 14 3:42 PM
[[/b]I loved playing the game I couldn't quit until I finished it. Oh it has it's faults but overall it is a great game.The storyline kept you interested right up to the end. There was lots to do besides just HOS and lots of great puzzles. Anyway I liked it so much I decided to do something I had never done before, create a wakthrough.

Long story short, I became disabled and stopped working on my websites except for a blog about my condition, but doing this inspired me to work on one again. So the walkthrough is on a revamped old website of mine that I am also adding a bunch of other stuff to just to make it fun. It's new name is http://www.darkangelwebsites.com

It's still under construction otherwise but feel free to drop by for the walkthrough. No strings nothing to buy nothing to download and nothing to join just use it and I will be glad I made something useful. I hope you will add it to your favorites to check back over time to see what else I have done with the site and I may do another walkthrough soon. Any suggestions?

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