Plant This is confusing...

[Post New]by GanhdiLover on Apr 17, 09 7:44 AM
I didn't like this game... The art style is so confusing!!! Anyone cares to discuss this?!

It looks like they were making a War Themed tower defense game, and suddenly decided to add a more "feminine feel" to it...

Nice gameplay though ( I love Tower Defenses!).

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Re:Plant This is confusing...

[Post New]by Brandyco on Apr 28, 09 9:50 PM
It seems to me to be a variation of a tower defense game.... love those, but this one I liked better because the path wasn't pre-set. The flowers were a bit hard to deal with. I'm not sure that firing missles at bees (with the current frightening decline in honey bees) and lady bugs is very feminine. Being female, I felt better about shooting monsters to defend my citizens than killing harmless bugs. There are a couple tower defense games out there with bugs, flowers and even garden gnomes, such as garden inventor. Gophers on the other hand... immediately brought to mind Caddy Shack.

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Re:Plant This is confusing...

[Post New]by blingykins on Apr 28, 09 10:34 PM
I'm curious enough after reading your posts to go and have a look at it

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