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Bug's eating my energy-items inventory

[Post New]by SFWhite on Dec 2, 14 8:10 AM
Losing enthusiasm for this game fast, realized almost immediately it's obviously a money-eater designed to give a little and take a lot. Thing is, it was interesting enough, so I decided to play it anyway, then discovered it's not just a money-eater it's an outright money-stealing bugfest. Apparently, when my character makes a new level ALL the energy boost items I have in reserve vanish! That was bad enough when it applied to items I'd won playing the game, but when I paid real world money to buy gems to get a New Field Flask and then it also vanished all the fun drained right out of this little tarnished jewel.

I'd noticed it seemed Big Gulps I'd won were vanishing, but didn't realize that erasure applied to ALL my reserve energy boosts until yesterday when I lost a New Field Flask I'd bought for 45 Gems! Since I like those, I had bought 2 and held one in reserve until my energy was depleted, but I made a level long before that happened. When it was time to use the 2nd flask, I discovered it had vanished!

Since the 1st flask's energy was barely used before I leveled, so it was wasted... (I know, my fault for not realizing I was that close to leveling)... when that 2nd flask vanished before I could use it the result was that 90 gems were wasted, gems I bought for REAL money.

This game costs way too much as it is, to have the added irritation of a glaring bug stealing items you've paid real world money to acquire is infuriating!

My advice: Just say "No!" to this game until they fix the money-stealing bugs.

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