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[Post New]by Hoppity on Dec 2, 14 7:43 PM
In the bonus chapter, the game freezes when you complete the candle puzzle and attempt to open the codex. I shut down the game, and when I went back it won't even let me look at the codex. Just thought BF should know.

Edit: So, good news. I got through the bonus chapter after the big freeze. After exiting game and going back in I did not get to play the mini game but I ended up with the item that the mini game supplied!

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[Post New]by olbroad on Dec 3, 14 3:44 PM
I had the same problem, but I couldn't even shut the game down....had to unplug the computer and remove the battery to get it to reboot.

Having it say something to the effect that 'it's nice the code was scratched" is all well and good, but impossible to read the chicken scratch. Trying every combination, and then unable to exit did NOT make me happy. I'd say this game needs a 'fix'.



[Post New]by bruce_armstrong on Dec 3, 14 10:51 PM
Mine didn't lock up (iPad), it was just impossible to see what the code was. Found a walkthrough where you could see it better and the author enter the code. The correct code is 23694.

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[Post New]by blueteal44 on Dec 4, 14 9:48 PM
Thanks for that, I thought The game had a major glitch but just the way number 3 was written.But still no excuse you can't get out of there.

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