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Quality of games

[Post New]by wabpita on Dec 3, 14 9:06 PM
I 'm only a quarter of the way through Dark Dimensions: Somber Song when it glitched and I can not go further.
I don't know who is managing these games (Big Fish?) but there continues to be more and more games with problems.
I try to test all games first before spending my money, but it's funny how some of this glitches do not show up until after I have paid for it.
Also do not like business practice of great prices if purchased quickly so as to prevent people from taking the time to test them.
I have spent a fortune over the last ten years an am disgusted that I can't trust this business. And running Dr. Fish resolves nothing.
Instead of it being a relaxing experience, it has become frustrating and aggravating.

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