What do the little puffs of smoke mean?

[Post New]by BethThomlinson on Apr 17, 09 8:23 PM
On most (if not all) of the scenes, there is somewhere you can click that will cause puffs of smoke to appear. For example, in the Music level, there are puffs if you click of top of Enstein's desk, near the front. Same with the piano keyboard in Abbey Road. Do these do anything or mean anything, or are they just eye candy?

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Re:What do the little puffs of smoke mean?

[Post New]by gameslvr on Apr 17, 09 9:43 PM
I believe the puffs of smoke occur when you click too many times or too many tmes in one spot, not sure which. And I read somewhere that one minute of time is added to your total time for each time the puffs occur.

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