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[Post New]by firststars123 on Feb 14, 18 4:05 AM
I play under lms
my friend code is 69781


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[Post New]by bonitakidson on Feb 15, 18 12:29 PM
Hi, I recently lost all my friends I am on level 81 and could really use some new ones. Please add me 730523


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[Post New]by Hadsox on Feb 15, 18 2:09 PM
Good evening'

Been playing avidly for a few weeks or so.Only just realised in the last week that there is a forum and other real life people playing,through googling about the castle challenges! Only friend so far is the generated Just John one.
Welcome to add me if you like,username is Hadsox - ID 721523

Good luck all,happy gaming! xx

Edit/Update/Diary of a nooblet: Well the game just changed somewhat..

Have a few friends *waves to each of you and thank you for the add x* ,have now started doing puzzles (started as in done one so far) to try to get items on friends wish lists.and trying to work out what I'd like to put on my own wish list as I haven't used it so far of course,Its opened the game up more for me.

Is there a way to say hello or chat with the friends,or would that just be a via forum thing? (or not that kind of game?) xx

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[Post New]by MagslovesPunky on Feb 17, 18 2:52 PM
Hi Folks,
level 28, and play regularily
ID: 660726, please friend me


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[Post New]by qccalr on Feb 18, 18 9:35 AM
my Friend code is 729131 please add me

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[Post New]by clm5457 on Feb 21, 18 2:28 AM
Looking for friends who play daily. I'm at level 34. 595127

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