iron box problem

[Post New]by kcasey503 on Dec 4, 14 5:20 AM
Argh! I found the iron box, but forgot to use it on the tile stuck in the crack, and instead went back and used it to carry the ants to the tree by Varga's den.

I discovered this when tracking down why I was missing a tile (after the dungeon escape). Unfortunately, it seems that the iron box disappeared after I used it for the ants. Looking through all the forums and pages I could find, I have to conclude that I messed up, and will have to start the game over if I want all the tiles and finish the game.

I don't suppose anyone has another answer?


OK, I figured it out. I had to backtrack really far to to find the cobblestone. The walkthrough said to put the iron box in the crack and hit it with the cobblestone, but it worked without the iron box. Yay, now I can finish the game!

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