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Tips and Tricks for Etch-a-Sketch: Knobby's Quest

[Post New]by bfgErie on Jul 14, 08 6:02 PM
Pause Knobby – Hit the spacebar when you want to stop Knobby from marching forward. You will want to frequently stop him to plan your moves out ahead of time. Because once Knobby starts walking, it can be difficult to get him to go exactly where you want him to go.

Lit Fuses – To light bombs, draw a line from a fire source to the fuse. You can use this bombs to clear obstacles in Knobby’s way. Because the fuse can go through walls, you can the line directly from the fire source to the fuse.

Fire OK, Bombs Are Not – Knobby can walk through flames or fires without any problem. However, you will want to keep Knobby away from any of the bombs you have lit. Explosions really hurt Knobby.

These are just a few ideas that will help with Etch-a-Sketch: Knobby's Quest. If you have any general tips to share, please post them below.

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