Level 29 - the solution

[Post New]by MrsWatermelon on Dec 6, 14 7:34 AM
I'm not sure why the old thread on this has been locked. None of the strategies suggested in it worked for me, but finally I've been able to beat this so I thought I'd share how.

Start off with two warthogs and food. Click them for money until you have enough for a cheetah and some meat. Release the warthogs to the wild when you can, they don't make enough money to be worth feeding.

From then on buy rhinos, cheetahs and lions (choose the chepeast one each time) and don't release any of them. Click them as much as you can for coins, prioritising cheetahs because they make the most.

Stop buying animals at about 2 minutes to go. Start releasing them at 1 minute to go - it helps if you go back to this level when you have the fastest helicopter.

It might take a couple of goes as it depends on how fast you can click, but you will be able to make the 2000 in time.

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