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Dream Scape Nightmare's Heir – Beholders
View of TV room with curtains
1 To right on path in crack
2 To left tile behind chair
3 Top of lampshade in TV room (not closeup)

In TV room
4 In curtain to right
5 Eye on mask to right
6 Top of TV

In Cave
7 Top center
8 Top left
9 Close up of pedestal w/sphere

Up the stairs – First Rescue
10 Bottom on right pedestal

Out the mask door
11 Under railing to right
12 On sign post to left
13 On ground under sign post
14 Close up under sign post

Over the cliff
15 By flipper part – might have been closeup
16 Right on railing
17 In rock to right of dried grass but not closeup

Down the road
18 Under rail on right
19 Under rock in center
20 In rock pile to left – low on ground

At entrance to cave
21 Left pillar
22 Right pillar little to left not closeup
23 Cave entrance – top right

Inside Cave
24 Top center
25 Right pillar to left, not closeup
26 Skull – bottom left
27 Outside – top right
28 Outside – bottom center

Beyond curtain to left of TV stage
29 Bottom right in front of chessboard

Up past chessboard
30 To right on path
31 To left on path – go past them then come back
32 In background to left, not a closeup

On Dais
33 On left above swim gear
34 Right above fire symbol

When in front of whirlpool
35 Small stone to the right

Where they are small - Living Room
36 Locomotive window
37 Fireplace
38 Close up of table with knitting needles
39 On close up on tow truck

Room by kitchen
40 Top of dresser on left
41 Yellow lampshade in kitchen
42 Teapot by Laura
43 Inside cupboard you open with screwdriver.

44 Top beam
45 In light of ray to battery
46 Close up of right electrode
47 In globe after you get battery

Across lake – don't touch man yet
48 Junk pile to right
49 Rock to left
50 Close to ice pack
51 In tire, lower right
52 Above ice pack not close up.

Closeup of device where hourglass shape is
53 Top left above door
54 By tire lower tight

Left staircase Mill scene 3rd rescue
55 Top on left wall
56 Roof of mill in hole

In front of Mill
57 In wheel – closeup for magnet
58 Top of wheel
59 Top left along sluice box
60 On top of sluice when you get the ladder

Inside of Mill
61 Right – in hole of wall
62 Bottom left by boot
63 Top beam
64 Closeup by Scythe

Underwater - 4th rescue
65 Left on rock
66 To right of plant by rock
67 In background to right
68 Closeup of knife.

Closeup of bathysphere
69 Right of sphere
70 In front of welder
71 Closeup of window

By sunken galleon
72 On galleon in middle
73 On galleon in front left
74 On galleon where figure head would be

Risen bathysphere
75 On front
76 On lid – get before sub symbol

Through book – In front of house - 5th rescue
77 Closeup of window
78 On front of house
79 In driveway crack
80 In porthole window

Dog Scene
81 Storm drain
82 Closeup of mailbox on fence
83 On tree
84 Same porthole

Inside House
85 On windowsill
86 On bookshelf by helmet
87 On radio/stereo
88 On closeup of basket
Through TV – 6th rescue
89 Above bathroom door
90 On ceiling lampshade
91 Closeup on sofa
92 On lamp stand at back of room

In bathroom
93 On sink
94 In sink
95 Above mirror

On Ledge
96 On wall to right
97 On ledge towards bottom

Final Scene
98 Top center
99 Top left
100 Close up of stand

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wow....thank you.

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Thank you very much Heatherington


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Thanks for the list. Much appreciated. How about diary pages? Did you find them all?

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