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More messed-up math

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Dec 7, 14 4:29 AM
In the "Error in description of Orc Thief's Pickpocket spell" thread in this forum, at because (I suppose) it hasn't been touched for years--I noted that the programmers gave the monsters more advantage than the description claimed: What's described as 30% or 50% of your Attack and/or Mana being stolen is actually up to 30 or 50 points transferred to the opponent. Which at that stage of the game is usually higher.

Now I've found a peculiarity that favors the player, at least at higher levels when you can afford it.

The Zoo-animal technique Luck, from Pegasus (Zoo Level 3), "reduces enemy payouts by 50% for 8 spins", costing 70 Mana. The spell Provoke "reduces enemy payouts by 50% for 6 spins" for 24 Attack. So if both are applied at the same time, you'd expect your opponent to get only 1/4 of the payout they otherwise would, right?

Nope. The reduction isn't by 50% × 50%, as any grade-school math student would suppose. It's by 50% + 50%, and for the duration, there is NO payout on any of your foe's spins.

Astonishingly useful when your opponent will otherwise pick up enough Mana every several spins to, say, restore 50 Life points.

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