Dying for Daylight Sequel response

[Post New]by Fast_Eddie on Dec 8, 14 7:54 PM
Hey folks, I asked BFG and this is what I got. Not what I wanted to hear, I'll tell ya....

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Re:Dying for Daylight Sequel response

[Post New]by Ironic_Twist on Dec 16, 14 7:28 PM
So basically that was a polite "[Removed by Moderator] and your righteous indignation. We just take your cash. We are not responsible for the product."

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Re:Dying for Daylight Sequel response

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Dec 18, 14 8:35 AM
Hey there

I just wanted to pop by and offer some clarification on this. As this game is published by a developer other than ourselves, it is at the discretion of the devs when a sequel may be available.

While we hope to see a sequel to this really great game, at this time, we're unable to get information on when it could be released.

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Re:Dying for Daylight Sequel response

[Post New]by maryenah on Jan 19, 15 4:08 PM
so is there any news about sequel to that game cant seem to find any info anywhere and its 2015...


Re:Dying for Daylight Sequel response

[Post New]by humptylock on May 3, 15 3:36 AM
Been waiting for this sequel for soooooooooo long,
*trying* to wait patiently hehe. >_<

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Re:Dying for Daylight Sequel response

[Post New]by FishyFemale on Jun 6, 15 3:37 PM
I'm really surprised this subject is still being discussed. There are NO plans whatsoever for a sequel to this game. I contacted Ms. Harris herself awhile ago and asked her point blank about it and she said she wasn't interested in continuing the story. She also said that someone else could pick up the story and make a sequel if they wanted to. I'm just wondering why no other game developer has taken up the cause since there still seems to be a large fan base for this game. Maybe if we contacted the other developers and asked them about it?

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