Stuck in the Green House

[Post New]by bjmartin45 on Dec 9, 14 8:33 AM
First of all, I should NEVER have bought a game that I knew was glitchy, DD or not. Mea culpa, my own fault. But.. now I'm trying to work my way thru it.

I am stuck in the Green House trying to either move the rock on the mannequin or open the gate to the outside that is wired shut. The crowbar has not worked on either.

I have a sharp razor, a crowbar, 2 of 3 sticks of firewood and matches. I also have a couple of triangles, a butterfly wing and a needle.

The hint button is pointing at the refrifgerator HOS, which I have already played.

Would somebody please tell me how to move past this sticking point?

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