Is there a guide to this game?

[Post New]by federation8 on Dec 9, 14 10:39 AM
It would help if there were some info on how to play especially "the chase" part. I just choose the colors and try to rack up points, but it would be nice if I could go back and look at how much the points were for the different balloons and how to figure out the shape of the constellations in the "chase" so I can steer the balloons to shape out that particular shape. Hope that makes some sense. Is there some kind of strategy guide to all of this?


Re:Is there a guide to this game?

[Post New]by RKDN256 on May 15, 15 1:20 PM
I think you're actually referring to the "Explore" version of the game. The game throws the special "constellations" at you periodically--you can't just make them out of random orbs as the tutorial seems to imply, but it is almost impossible to spot them unless you have the highlighting bonus activated, so it's best to focus on getting those bonuses. Other than that, the game is just a marble popper mashup where the strategy is to click each next colored marble (but repeat the current color as much as possible for bonus points), and end up back where you started without getting the lines crossed (unless you use the special X marble). Note that if you corner yourself, you can re-click the last marble to delete the line and keep trying, or you can end the sequence early and sacrifice your points multipliers.

I like the "Chase" version better, where you just keep popping the right colored marbles and try to get enough bonuses to fly through each sign of the zodiac before time runs out without making mistakes that can slow you down.

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